So, you have the idea. It’s right there, sitting in your brain, so consistent you can practically feel it. But how do you start writing it? How do you efficiently develop those captivating sentences you’re aching to bring to life? And did you know that having an updated blog and providing value for your users before they commit to your content, leads to 13x more positive business outcomes in terms of conversion?

Sometimes, creativity hits but long-form writing remains challenging. Well, luck is on your side, as we’re here to present a guideline that will assist you in quickly expanding your blog content and allow you to be inspired by what our AI companions can create for you. With TextCortex, we commit to unburden you of 70% of the work.

We have created the TextCortex Chrome Extension to help you achieve appealing and well-formed blog posts, allowing you to transform your ideas into impactful, long-form content.

TextCortex is an AI companion that is designed to understand you and your writing needs: it actively presents options on how to make your content more authentic, assisting you in any original process while supporting your creative work like never before.

Whether the blank page staring at you is supposed to become a document to be shared with colleagues or customers, a captivating email, the perfect paper to deliver by the already approaching deadline, TextCortex’s purpose-driven AI technology’s got you covered: it will help you hypercharge any content in your browser and assist you from the text adjustment process to the full on creation one.

Content improvement has never been easier: simply highlight sentences within your work and let us work our magic. How?

You can check out the installation and onboarding guide in this article "How to get started with the TextCortex chrome extension."

Now let’s get into how to use the Blog post feature.

To help you understand how to employ the Blog post feature, we’ll use the Notion text box as an example, but you can use any online text box (including Gmail, Notion, LinkedIn, Twitter, Docs, Medium, Facebook, etc).

Before entering any word into a text box, we have a few tips on what you should keep in mind in order to achieve the best possible output.

Pro advice: 

Like with so many tasks, it helps to divide your work into smaller sections:

Instead of expecting a 2000-word article being born right from the start, you can begin to plan and organize your content. Think about it this way - an article often consists of:

  • An intro, 
  • A main section, 
  • A conclusion

Brainstorming and writing down ideas for a content brief before starting to create can result in being extremely helpful. For example, if I want to curate content for a blog about how SEO helps businesses grow organically, I should think about organizing my creative process like this:

Intro: Why is SEO important for businesses?

Main part: How can you improve SEO within text content? (You could also divide the main part into smaller sections)

Conclusion: Ultimately, what is the first step to get into SEO?

Being specific about the information you are providing always pays off: your readers will be likely to better understand your message and be drawn to your services, products or even communication style.

Well, now that you have created your structure and written your subheadings, here’s what you need to do to make your blog post:

Let me first explain it to you in a GIF. 

Than jump to your next headline you get the idea

Yay! You’ve successfully created your first blog post using the TextCortex Chrome Extension!

It is so simple and only takes three easy steps.

Step 1 - Highlight:

Select the text you wish to rewrite 

Step 2 - Click

Click on the “Blog” (Big B) tool.

Step 3 - Create

Some floating text suggestions will be displayed: all you need to do is pick the one that fits your idea best, and you’re ready to replace your highlighted text!

Make the best out of TextCortex:

✍️ Find the right words

✍️ Express yourself through clear and impactful writing

✍️ Display your fluency in the English language

✍️ Spend less time contemplating your word choice

The more you use it, the more TextCortex will learn about your writing style and provide more personalized outputs!

Blogging doesn’t always have to equate with headaches, save some time and double down on the core of the creative process. In case you have any additional questions, feel free to get in touch!