Being Successful Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Having It Easy

Our client is a successful business owner. She runs both an art studio ( and a tattoo art theory & digital design education platform (


Her academic and professional background are just as impressive: she comes with a BA in psychology from UMBC, a MS in programming from JHU, 5 years as a corporate IT executive and she is also the author of two technical and visual learning books. On top of that, our client is the proud creator of two visual learning programs meant for people with learning difficulties.

Dyslexia commonly causes problems with reading, writing, speaking and spelling. Individuals with dyslexia often have difficulty with phonemic awareness (the ability to hear and manipulate individual sounds within words) and phonology (the sound structure of language).

This can make it hard for them to decode words or understand what they are reading. This means having to repeatedly face challenges on a daily basis, especially if writing is an essential part of your work routine.

“It's embarrassing not being able to communicate effectively with all I have accomplished. Dyslexia does not mean someone is not intelligent, but instead has a real and serious impact on all aspects of learning and has been a hindrance to my various life endeavours for almost 3 decades“.

The Feeling of Being Held Back

Being a business owner comes with many responsibilities and, of course, our client has to make sure the communication with both her clients and employees is top-notch at all times. This is especially important when it comes to ensuring that all parties are on the same page and understand each other's needs, which guarantees that everyone is working together towards a common goal and that the business runs smoothly.

“I've struggled with spelling and grammar for almost 3 decades to endless frustration. I love to read and have a large verbal vocabulary but writing is torture. I would get out of it any way I could”.

In the current digital age, it’s hard not to feel left out or held back when you’re not exactly on par with everyone else’s pace. Our client especially struggled with emails and general written communication: she would often have to spend 20+ minutes checking the grammar of each written word only to resort to an oversimplification of the language or, in the end, surrender and simply give up entirely.

“Not being able to write down what you are thinking is a tremendous detriment to being able to maximize and enjoy learning, and enjoy life, especially in this digital learning age”.

The frustration that stems from such an exhausting process makes writing and working in general an unpleasant, annoying experience. Not only our client would find herself lacking the motivation needed to enjoy her daily work routine, but she’s also found that several other aspects of her life were being constantly affected.

TextCortex & Simplification (The Good Kind)

Our client owns 3 small businesses and she’s been stumped trying to figure out how to write effective, appealing automated email copy for almost 7 months.

She didn't know how to get started so she would usually just give up. After trying free templates, half a dozen email list softwares and taking various online and youtube trainings for such programs, she ended up installing the TextCortex AI Chrome extension.

By simply relying on the free trial of our AI companion, she was able to successfully write the copy for a 9-email welcome chain in less than 2 hours.

“I wish upon a star that TextCortex had been around my whole life.”

Email Writing Takes Seconds with TextCortex

The latest version of the TextCortex AI Chrome extension comes with a creative suite that provides over 60+ templates and a whole category dedicated to email writing.

Our templates will help you generate and keep just about any topic useful & informative while ensuring high open rates. You can make the most out of our suggestions for cold emails, subject lines, customer support emails and so much more.

No One Left Behind, Ever 

Your experience with TextCortex as users is what makes us what we are.

Our work only is only valuable if we’re able to grant the best support in your writing and general creative process. Your personal experiences are what truly makes the difference and constantly gives us the chance to learn and set new goals for the future.

Despite loving reading and having a large verbal vocabulary, our client felt like writing was torture and would find any way to avoid it. With TextCortex, she finally has the chance to type out any kind of content, click on a button, add some quick edits and send out emails, write copy or education materials, or even private personal messages in just a few minutes.

“Textcortex handles it all effortlessly. I can see this saving me hours of time and frustration, bringing my writing to a level that I would never be able to achieve”.

At TextCortex, we want our community to feel safe at all times: this means catering to each individual's needs and interests and making sure our AI companion is comfortable and easy to use: our new Text-to-speech feature has been specifically implemented to facilitate the overall experience of people with visual and reading impairments.

Representation matters and is vital to ensure that voices are heard and needs are accurately reflected in products and services.

“Textcortex is a game changer for people with dyslexia and everyone who loves learning and teaching, but struggles with writing, should give it a go”.


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