We showed you how our AI writers think and write. Imagine you have read over 3 billion sentences and use this knowledge to create and write new text.

You can assume that our AI writers creations are about 98% plagiarism-free. But what’s it with the 2% plagiarism?

They are part of creativity. Everything we do is a reaction to what we have seen, learned, observed, and experienced in the past. It is part of the game how inspiration works.

Music is a great example of how most plagiarism is just a form of inspiration. Think of

What was Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger for Daft punk in 2001 has inspired Kanye West to make his version of Stronger.

Even in academic research. Repurposing and summarizing thoughts as build on top of is part of scientific collaboration. As a researcher, your paper can have as much as 10% of text which seems like it is already existing.

You just need to give credit to where credit is also due!