Sometimes everything feels like a pattern or a routine, isn’t it? In fact, it’s human nature to follow patterns. Instincts are based on pattern recognition for fast thinking and decision-making. Guess what, our AI writers love them as well!

If you start creating and put in a list of items as context you would like to take on a vacation like:

volleyball, towel, sunscreen, swim, trunks

Our AI writers will recognize a pattern... Seems that you like to create a list around beachy items! So it will continue the list adding:

books, sunglasses, toys, beach chair ....

As mentioned in the previous session. Context matters! It is like human communication. Think about what you want to create! If you want to write a response to a mail. Do not simply throw some keywords together and assume you will get a nice written email. Tell our AI writers what you want:

Email Subject: We are hiring! Join TextCortex one of Europe’s hottest 200 AI startups
Email Body:

And see what our AI writers will create for you.