Whether you’re struggling to improve the content of a blog post, an email, a particularly stressful assignment or your personal, creative writing, our AI companions can help you with many types of writing.

The Creator Suite within the Chrome Extension was specifically created to assist and guide you in the often meticulous job of creating your content and improving your writing with over 60 AI templates.

The Creator Suite is a premium feature within our Business package.

The Creator Suite holds templates for the following categories:

  • General
    • Includes some basic templates to adjust, and simplify your writing. Alsobasice descriptions and question & answering tasks can be done here
  • Email templates
    • Includes anything around professional communication for customer support, cold outreach, and first-liners.
  • eCommerce templates
    • Your guide on how to write better product descriptions
  • Article and Blog Writing
    • Writing great long form consists of making the best of multiple sections and paragraphs. These templates help you go from the introduction to the conclusion of your work.
  • Ads and Marketing Tools
    • Write the copy, taglines etc for PPC ads on multiple platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn etc
  • Social media
    • Includes captions and titles assistants for platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook and other
  • Website Copy
    • Includes meta descriptions, Hero Sections, Feature to benefit descriptions copywriting.


How to get started

Now let’s get into the fun part how to use the Creator Suite in the best way possible.

To help you learn how to employ the Creator Suire feature, we’ll use the Notion page editor as an example, but you can use any online text box (including Gmail, Medium, LinkedIn, Twitter, Docs, Medium, Facebook, and 1000 others).

Once you’re on the platform that suits you and your writing needs the most, here’s what you need to get started on the magical process of rephrasing:

1. Open the creator suite sidebar

You activate the Creator Suite usually by clicking the little “Cortex” Bubble in the lower right corner. You can also shift this bubble around to a place it is most convenient for you. (Left GIF below)

Alternatively, you can also start the Creator Suite from the extension menu in the top right extension bar by clicking on “Open Sidebar”. (Right GIF below)










2. Search for the template you need.

Within 60 templates it is easy to get lost.

While you can click through the easy categorisation you can also just type in keywords and look for a specific template.










3) What are you waiting for? Start creating!

Now you simply need to fill out the information in the template. This will help you to better instruct the TextCortex AI companion on what you want and what you need.

Still remember our best practice - offer your AI companion quality context to get quality creations. The AI companion cannot read your mind. Help them to be as effective as possible for you.


You can check out the installation and onboarding guide in this article "How to get started with the TextCortex chrome extension."