Whether you’re struggling to improve the content of a blog post, an email, a particularly stressful assignment, creative writing, rephrasing is often key to reach an impactful result.

Finding the right words can be a challenging process, especially when you read what you’ve written over and over again, and you’re sitting there with crippling exasperation wondering why on earth it just doesn’t sound right.

We know what it feels like to have inspiring ideas but struggling to bring them to life. Fear not, TextCortex’s got you covered!

The TextCortex Chrome Extension was specifically created to assist you in the often annoying process of rephrasing your content.

TextCortex is an AI companion that is designed to understand you and your writing needs: it actively presents options on how to make your content more authentic, assisting you in any original process while supporting your creative work like never before.

Whether the blank page staring at you is supposed to become a document to be shared with colleagues or customers, a captivating email, the perfect paper to deliver by the already approaching deadline, TextCortex’s purpose-driven AI technology’s got you covered: it will help you hypercharge any content and assist you from the text adjustment process to the full on creation one.

First, install the TextCortex Chrome Extension in only a few steps:

Step 1 - Getting Ready

Enter the following link, and click “Add to Chrome” to install your TextCortex Chrome Extension.

Step 2 - Permission granted

Our extension requires your permission to copy its creation on your demand into the textbox you are working in. Simply select “Add Extension” to approve.


Step 3 - Getting to know you helps us

You will be redirected to the onboarding form, through which you can help us develop a product that will satisfy your needs by telling us more about yourself! 

When you’re done, hit “Next.”

Step 4 - A playful introduction:

Through the next screen, you can directly test our Extension. With a playful introduction on how you can use the chrome extension. Whether you try it there or hit “Next” to use it directly in the text box that fits you the most, is your choice.

Step 5 - Where to go with so much power:

We prepared a small repertoire of platforms on this screen. Pick the platform where you want to create your content, and then hit “Submit” to start using the extension. We also love if you'd leave a rating at the end if you have the time for it.

Currently, the chrome extension is validated to work on more than 100 platforms, with more to come soon. You can find an explorative list within this article.

Yay! The onboarding process is done! You are ready to take off.


If you want to learn more about how to rephrase with the Chrome Extension visit this article: "The Magic of Rephrasing"