Generating content using the TextCortex Enterprise Text Generation API is as easy as following these 4 steps:

1. Signup for the TextCortex Platform
2. Sign-in and click on "account settings" on the top right.
3. Go to the API Key section and copy your key.
4. Make a POST request to


To shorten your development and integration cycle, we have published packages you can install wit the following commands:

Python package:

pip install textcortex


Javascript package

npm i textcortex-hemingwai-js


Get Authenticated

In order to access the API, you need an authentication key. You need to send this key whenever you are sending a request to our servers. After the signup, you can find your token under API menu.

The authentication key looks like this:

API KEY: "gAAAAABgu6ycSzxAWqIeoR3y1yZ5EDrPkCEU6c6-0UNoOTf5CvwhSGOxln1g66BuOjckRuetjZhKYPKgUxWk_gsEhxbzS-yveg=="