In the last section “How did they learn to write?” I already spoilered the complex math of learning (which nature has conveniently hidden from us).

Now, let’s talk a bit about how our AI writers create.

Each time you let our AIs create for you they will come up with a unique creation. Why? Just as a human write word for word, our AI does as well. In a complex calculation from what it has learned it tries to predict the next most fitting word into a sentence.

Take this as an example:

 My daughters birthday is next week I need to get an __________

Our AI would create a list of words it would believe to make sense in your statement for example:

  • awesome - 33%

  • amazing - 25%

  • awkward - 5%

Imagine our AI picks the word “awesome”.

My daughters birthday is next week I need to get an awesome __________

Let’s do the same thing again. Another list of possible words which fit the sentence how about:

  • gift 95%
  • ball 4%
  • jetpack 0.001%

Now our AI writers are almost certain that you want to get your daughter an awesome gift. Even though a jetpack is quite awesome, too. Maybe not the safest option.

Our AI writers try to understand the context you are telling them and create on top of what their experience and knowledge. Hence, the information you share and how much information is absolutely crucial.

It is the same with humans. Your friends can only help you when you let them know what you want to do.

The context of your input is greatly influencing the list of words our AI writers come up with and which one is will then pick to create.

Learning: Choose your instruction wisely!