So how did our AI writers pick up such a complex, yet creative skill as writing?

Remember how long you needed to go to school just to understand how to read, to write, and to figure?

It takes a whole life full of experience to become a skilled writer.

So how is an AI doing this? Technically, it is a lot of complicated math, which nature has conveniently hidden behind human capabilities to learn, but a machine learns just like you and me. By reading and writing. A whole lot.

In fact, our AI writers have been trained on the bright parts of the internet such that they acquire the valuable skill of genuinely understanding and writing human language roughly as good as somebody out of high school. Somebody with the general skill of writing.

In the next step, we take those generalists and make them into specialists. Just like human writers. There are technical writers, food bloggers, lawyers, and many other professions. They worked hard to achieve the profession in their field, in their format, in their craft.

Imagine you would ask your lawyer to write a yummy food blog on grandma's best muffin recipes. Or the other way around your influencer grandma with 100,000 followers on writing a legal investment document. Sounds weird, doesn’t it?

However, what do you need to become an expert in anything? Books, lectures, mentors offering you their knowledge. That’s what we are constantly building and adding to our own library - high-quality content to evolve our AI writers just a bit further every day.

And you can be a part of this knowledge-gathering! Do you have a suggestion for a field we should focus on? A source of knowledge, information or data we should look at?

Write us an email to [email protected] with your idea!