What are creations and how can you get more of them?

Chances are you ran out of creations for our chrome extension or on our platform and now you are asking yourself how to get more?

First of all, what is a creation? Every time you use one of our tools against your writing struggles such as rewriting your sentence, expanding on an idea for your blog post, finding the right words for this stressful assignment you will use one creation from your account.

If you are not a paid user with us you will have a certain amount of free daily creations. The exact amount depends on which quests you have already finished from our reward center.

I take it that now your daily free creations are gone and because you don’t want to wait for your recharge for tomorrow to improve your writing needs today, you are looking for ways to get more creations?

Say no more - today you’ll learn how you can earn more creations to rewrite and create more with the text cortex chrome extension and our AI text editor.

Step one very simple and you might have done it already. You need to sign up for our platform.

Step two click on a “earn more” button within the web text editor. If you can't find simply click this link: GO TO REWARD CENTER.

You can find it either in the lower left corner of the platform or at the bottom of the of the chrome extension.

Step three look which quests you can still do to earn more creations every day.

For example you can invite as many friends and colleagues as you want each active user will give you more daily creations.

You can also write us a quick review on G2, capterra, trustradius and others. Simply write a review and submit it in the reward center.

You can also join our communities and introduce yourself in them. For each introduction you will receive again free daily creations.

We will certainly introduce more rewards in the future. If you have an idea I am all ears simply write to our contact email or send me a tweet to @dom_does.