Creativity can struck you during the weirdest situations it feels almost random when it hits. With our AI writers, you have the possibility to adjust how creative they should be.

On a measure from 0% to 100% creativity, you can play around with what suits your style the best, but let me give you an idea of what to expect when you go to either extreme.

Turning the creativity down towards 0% sets hard boundaries around how creative they are allowed to write. Be careful turning the creativity to low might result in the repetition of the same content over and over again.

On the other side, turning creativity to the max 100% will result in an outburst of creative flow. Sometimes a bit too crazy for my taste. Jumping into topics far from what I wanted to create initially.

As with many things the middle is the golden rule. You should experiment around creativities of 35% to 70% and see what suits yourself